When you own a piano, it is quite possible that the piano is your most valued possession. You will want your piano to last generations, sound beautiful, and play as best as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are a classically trained pianist, a student starting on piano lessons, or someone getting back into piano for pure enjoyment of making music, regular care and seasonal maintenance are key to keeping your piano in the best shape possible.Professional care from Allied Piano Service will provide the necessary attention needed to keep your piano playing at its best. Preserve your investment and play beautiful music.Serving the greater Philadelphia, PA area

Tuning, Regluation, Voicing and Repairs

The piano was manufactured to be maintained at A440 pitch. Tuning is an art practiced by skilled professionals, no one other than a professional be allowed to tune your piano.

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Humidity Control and Piano Accessories

Your piano is made primarily of wood, a versatile and beautiful material ideal for piano construction. However, being made of wood, your piano is greatly affected by humidity.

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Estimates, Apprasials, Consultation

Allied Piano brings you peace of mind when it comes to the a professional and thorough evaluation of your piano, or advice on how to choose a piano before buying.

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All Piano Makes and Models Grands and Uprights


Expert tuning, repairs, regulation, voicing and complete restoration


Humidity Systems, String Covers, Piano Covers, Piano Accessories

Allied Piano and Finish LLC has been serving the Delaware Valley in piano service, finish repair, rebuilding, and training since 1970.

Greg has been tuning pianos since he was a teenager. Throughout his career Greg has been an institutional technician, technical trainer, warranty specialist, service manager and financial analyst. Today he is the chief technician and general manager of Allied Piano and Finish LLC.

Gregory Cheng RPT
Chief Technician and General Manager

Ruth Zeiner, RPT is a Registered Piano Technician (RPT). Ruth has over 40 years experience in piano technology servicing tens of thousands of pianos customers in the Delaware Valley. Ruth has serviced in home customers, concert venues and universities. Ruth also specializes in regulation, rebuilding, polyester / lacquer touch up repairs.

Ruth Zeiner RPT
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